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The Airplane Clip by FLYGA

The Airplane Clip by FLYGA

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Introducing The Airplane Clip by FLYGA (TM)

The must-have travel accessory for 2023 is here! The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA solves a global travel pain point experienced by millions of travelers each day! What is it? How do you get yours? Please note, The Airplane Drink Holder is not designed for water bottles, since those have caps and users were not worried about spilling them. 

What makes The Airplane Clip by FLYGA special?

People love The Airplane Clip by FLYGA! They love how we’re a socially driven company that donates 25% of promo profits to supporting our next generation of minority and female leaders. They love that we’re designed and manufactured in the USA. They love that we weave sustainability throughout the design and delivery of the The Airplane Clip by FLYGA product. And last but not least, they love how our patented travel innovation is the only one of its kind and will be a cherished travel essential each time they travel! 

    An amazing custom gift for travelers and travel agents. 

    A beautifully designed to-go drink or holder for the airplane.

    Let's see it in action!

    1. No more crushing your cup in the seat back pocket or risking it wedged between your thighs!

    2. Keep that chin up and enjoy a heads up display for your in-flight entertainment!

    3. To and from the airport, or on a road trip! The Airplane Clip by FLYGA can be a great in car companion!

    4.  Grabbing a bite to eat before you board your flight, or while out on the town during your trip? The Airplane Clip by FLYGA makes a great tabletop phone holder for hands free viewing!

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