Attention: We are excited to share with you, that we have changed our name to The Airplane Clip by FLYGA

this is something we have been working on for the past couple months. Please standby for more communications and updates via our social channels.

FLYGA is redefining the meaning of value across the promotional product industry through utility, social impact, sustainability, and innovation! We invented and offer a unique and patented product that solves a relevant travel problem experienced by millions of travelers around the world each day.

Not only do we put the customer first by solving a major problem for your customers, clients, guests, and community members, but we also deliver a completely new way for brands and people to connect! There is nothing else like The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM on the market and the response has been amazing!

We invented The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM because our research uncovered that people don't want another useless tchotchke with your logo slapped on it that'll end up in their junk drawer, or another slight variation of the same water old bottle. They want a useful, fun, and purpose-driven product. That's why we created promo with a promise™ where we incorporated social impact as a core element of our business.

So what is the innovative Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA travel accessory?

The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM solves a pesky travel problem experienced by millions of travelers each day. What is it? You know when you board an airplane with a cup of coffee or fountain drink in your hand, and you struggle with balancing it on your seat, crushing it in your seatback pocket, or wedging it in-between your feet on the dirty floor? Or, when you connect your phone to the inflight wifi to watch a movie, then you’re stuck holding your phone with a bent neck and your head in your lap. Well, problems solved! The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM  is a innovative and sustainably designed drink and phone holder for the airplane and travel experience!

Some quick highlights on The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM :
The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM  is a social impact-driven travel accessory invented for the promotional product industry that’s built on a foundation of sustainability and innovation. At FLYGA TM  we’re focused on addressing three gaps in the promotional product industry across Sustainability, Social Impact, and Utility.

  • Sustainability: We consider the environment in all that we do, from our sustainably designed packaging, to our environmentally conscious patented product design. Our goal is a zero environmental impact.

  • Social Impact: We donate 25% of profits to minority and women leadership initiatives that advance the security, empowerment, and equality of our next generation of female leaders. No other promo product is driving the focus on social impact like we are.

  • Utility: The The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM  travel accessory offers an innovative and relevant solution to a global travel pain point experienced by millions of travelers every day! The Airplane Clip by FLYGA TM is the must-have travel accessory for 2022 and beyond!

The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM is fully patented, fully insured, Prop 65 compliant, made in the USA, and is a fun and innovative product that can be used across generations and industries, and throughout the travel experience. There is no other product like the innovative FLYGA TM travel accessory!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping connect your brand with people while improving your travel experience!

Seth from FLYGA