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We’re excited to share this helpful section of our website where you can
come and pull the most up-to-date information, images, videos, pricing and more
to support your client presentations. FLYGA and The Airplane Clip was specifically
created for you as a new, innovative, and USEFUL way for your client’s brand to
connect with people. We started this journey back in 2017 and finally made our debut
at the PPAI EXPO in January 2024! The response has been amazing! If there’s any
information missing from this page or something you’d find to be helpful,
please let us know! We want to provide you with whatever you need to help your clients
and prospective clients realize the amazing opportunity and impact FLYGA creates
for their brand, big event, and team members. Thank you and safe travels. Seth
the inventor.

Do we sell direct? As in do we sell direct to companies who want custom branded FLYGA...No. Our goal is to focus on fulfilling custom orders for you. So get out there and sell :) Do we sell retail, yes we sell blank versions in various colors here and on our Amazon store.

The most versatile travel essential

Made in USA - Proud small business

Repeatable relevant brand impressions

A new and useful way for brands and people to connect throughout travel

1. No more crushed cup!

An immediately relatable problem solved by your client’s branded product. Whether the end user is flying home from a tradeshow or on a family vacation

2. Enjoy In-flight movies

Airlines connect you with great content and expect you have your own screen. Your clients and their prospects will enjoy a hands-free and heads-up experience with FLYGA

3. Use as a stand for phones or tablets

Flip and spin for a handy device stand on the bar, at your desk, or in the kitchen

4. Lock under a window shade in frist class and more

Users find so many hidden uses in aircraft, on trains, in cars, and at events

Membership #'s (ASI/SAGE)

SAGE: 52931

ASI (USA): 54872

PPAI: 824144

See FLYGA in Action! Watch the video below

You know when you board your flight with a cup of coffee, tea or fountain
drink? You balance it on the seat, crush it in your seat pocket, or stick it
down by your feet, gross! FLYGA solves this problem, and works as a great phone
holder for all those inflight movies, as well as a kickstand for your phone or
tablet at home, in the office, or on the go.

But the best thing about FLYGA is that it creates a completely new way for
people are brands to connect while relieving some pain throughout the travel journey.
FLYGA is especially amazing for event giveaways, sponsorships, and swag bag
inserts. Plus, we’re 100% made in the USA!





At FLYGA (TM) we want to provide something more than just an amazing and innovative new travel accessory for the promotional product industry. We want to give back! Through our SEE Women Leaders initiative we donate 15% of profits from all promotional product sales to minority and women leadership initiatives. We do this by working with non-profits and charities that advocate for the Security, Empowerment, or Equality of our next generation of female leaders!


The Airplane Clip by FLYGA is a new type of travel accessory invented for the promotional product and travel advisor industries. FLYGA solves a major travel pain point experienced by 100’s of millions of people each year around the world. We solve a problem while creating a completely new way for brands and people to connect! FLYGA is MADE IN USA!


Let's face it, the promotional product industry has a sustainability challenge. There are far too many low cost, low impact widgets and single use items that end up in the trash. FLYGA (TM) is addressing sustainability through innovation, weaving sustainable business practices throughout everything we do from our patented product design and patented eco-friendly packaging, through to our delivery to you and your customers. We're set on achieving a Zero Environmental Impact!
Reach out for additional pricing details or quesitons

Pricing (Link below)

We currently sell on Amazon for $15.95 with our average sale price of $13.65.

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FLy with FLYGA

A small sample of companies and organizations that fly with FLYGA. Great for any industry, event, brand activation, or gift. Think of how many people travel, use a phone, or drink liquid ;)

Question / Answer

When your client says any of the below, use these responses:

We developed these to help share the intention behind our design, as well as insights from more than 100 interviews with travelers over the past 6 years. Please reach out with any questions. We are always happy to share more with our amazing distributors. 

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Samples are $6 each with $3.50 for USPS shipping. This helps us streamline getting samples to you. If needed we will credit your first custom order the cost of the sample. Just let us know in the PO.

Sample images for client presentations

Images for virtuals and presentations

See videos @FLYGA_USA
FLYGA care accessory

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Contact Us

Please reach out with any questions regarding decoration, colors, digital proofs, current inventory, pricing discounts and so on. Thank you and safe travels.

When you show something completely new, people have questions. That’s normal and in talking with more than 100 travelers and industry professionals we’ve nearly heard it all. Below are some responses you can share with your clients when they ask any of the following. Thank you so much for supporting our small business!

If my client says...

Will it work on all airlines?

Yes, FLYGA works on all major airlines! In the rare event the aircraft has a less conventional tray table, travelers can clip FLYGA on many different parts of the aircraft. It works great on many seat pockets, under a shut window shade, and even flipped as a kickstand and more. Flight crew LOVE FLYGA!

It doesn’t hold cans.

That’s right! FLYGA was specifically designed for the hundreds of millions of to go cups sold in airports each year all around the world. Seth the inventor interviewed more than 100 travelers and members of flight crew while designing FLYGA. He found that the vast majority of airlines do not hand passengers the beverage can but use it to fill multiple drinks (except when serving beer). If you do have a beer, interviews found that passengers enjoyed holding the can while watching the inflight movie or while reading. And, if you have a soda can, you can ask for an empty cup, put your cup in your FLYGA, and then insert your can into that cup. Problem solved!

It doesn’t hold my bottle.

That’s right! In talking with more than 100 travelers while perfecting their design, Seth the inventor learned that people weren’t worried about spilling drinks in bottles or reuseable water bottles since these have securable tops. He found that passengers found no problem with sticking their bottles in the seat pocket. All travelers shared their key concern was with risks around crushing or spilling the cups they bring onto their flight, or having to hold their phone while watching inflight movies. FLYGA is designed to solve these two problems, everything else is an added bonus.

Is FLYGA made in USA?

Yes! FLYGA is 100% made in the USA. They’re manufactured in the northeast and ship out of the Chicago, Illinois area. FLYGA is a small business is based out of Arlington, Virginia.

Will it break in my carry-on?

No! FLYGA is a durable, made in USA product, and they pride themselves on quality. They’ve done a lot of testing in controlled settings, with extreme events, as well as real life testing. Seth the inventor has created a number of testing videos on their Instagram that shows him standing on FLYGA, throwing it against a wall, doing pull ups with them, and more. They’ve shipped more than 20,000 units and have not had a single broken product complaint. Plus, they have a lifetime guarantee, so if the product breaks, they will replace it with a FLYGA.

Will the white get dirty?

No. The inventor has taken more than 20 flights with his white FLYGA and it looks just as fresh as the day it rolled off the production line here in the USA. If you notice a bit of dirt or crumbs from the bottom of your nag, simply wash with some soap and water and good as new.

Can you do a custom base color?

Yes! The minimum quantity order for a custom base color is 3,000 units with a small custom production fee. We just need the PMS color code so we can confirm availability and production time before we place the order.

Can we get 20,000 units?

Yes! FLYGA has the current capacity to produce more than 750,000 units per year, and we’re growing. Let me check with them to confirm lead time.

Can FLYGA ship internationally?

Yes, FLYGA has their HS Code and is made in the USA, making exporting to other countries, especially Canada and Mexico, much easier.

Can we customize the header card packaging?

The current packaging design is important because it helps educate the end user. FLYGA did a lot of testing and was extremely intentional in their design. That said, if we have a long lead time and order more than 15,000 units, this is something that can be explored given the customization does not jeopardize the educational aspect of the packaging. FLYGA is a small and innovative business, and they are open to discussing new ideas if all the pieces fall in place.

Does FLYGA come with instructions?

Yes. Each FLYGA is packaged with an instructional header card. In addition to images and instructions, on the back of the card is a QR code that brings users to a fun “how to” video

Is there a social impact aspect to FLYGA?

Yes. 15% FLYGA profits from promotional product sales are donated to different charities, nonprofits, or organizations that align with the security, empowerment, or equality of the next generation of female leaders.


Our Story

Seth LaPierre, the inventor and owner of The Airplane Clip by FLYGA is a serial entrepreneur who has always been inspired by creating things that solve every-day problems. His love for travel and experiencing different cultures were instrumental to the inception and creation of FLYGA.

FLYGA is a made in USA travel accessory company that was inspired by the utility, simplicity, and beauty of Swedish design. FLYGA uncovers and creates hidden moments of joy throughout the travel experience. As a purpose-drive company, FLYGA delivers on promises around sustainability and social impact by working towards a zero environmental impact and by donating 15% of promo profits to women leadership initiatives.

Professionally, Seth is an alum of Tufts University where he studied Economics as well as Communications and Media Studies while earning the title Division Champion for the pole vault in Track & Field. We guess you could say he learned to fly at a young age...Following graduation Seth dove into entrepreneurship followed by a successful path through strategy and innovation consulting. In 2017 after years with a top management consulting firm and leading marketing strategy consulting firm helping Fortune 500 companies become more customer centric, Seth began the journey that would later become FLYGA.

Today, Seth lives outside Washington DC in Arlington, VA with his wife and 2 young children. Fun fact, Seth and his wife met in the seventh grade, later became high school sweethearts, and much later... after crushing her large coffee in Seth's seat pocket while on a flight, inspired what is now the hottest new travel essential, The Airplane Clip by FLYGA. Safe travels.

Seth LaPierre FLYGA Travel Accessory