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How many times have your clients said to you:

"We need something new and innovative"

This is great. But don't forget it has to be relevant! If not, the person will be turned off from the product, and even worse, it will reflect poorly on your company, and your client's brand! In 2023 travel is taking off, heading towards pre-pandemic levels as is the live in-person events industry! This is great news.

There's no better time to introduce The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM , an amazing new travel essential that was designed specifically for the promotional product industry. Not only is The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM new and innovative, it solves a global travel problem that nearly every traveler around the world struggles with! Think of all those events your clients or their employees travel to, not to mention personal travel. FLYGA TM uniquely delivers across four key opportunity areas for the industry. 

  1. Social Impact: We donate 25% of promo profits to minority and women leadership initiatives
  2. Sustainability: We weave sustainability in every possible aspect of our business from our design and production, to our packaging, through delivery to you and your clients
  3. Innovation: We invented and patented a novel and practical solution to a major global travel problem while creating a completely new way for brands and people to connect
  4. Production: We are made in the USA and Prop 65 compliant 

Sip n' Clip travel gift

The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM . has been called the the newest and most practical travel accessory for the promotional product and event industries. Think of all those people who fly to industry events, trade shows, national sales meeting, and etc.

Whether you're a new employee, at a trade show booth making connections, or networking your way across the show floor, you will love the value The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM . creates on your flight home and any future travel for work, family, or pleasure.

Also, The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM . makes for an amazing and authentic conversation starter for folks at a trade show booth. They just have to ask one question, and they'll have the potential lead hooked.

"Excuse me did you fly here?... You did, great here's The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM ."

Then that conversation about this new and innovative promotional product will lead right into a great conversation about their business. 

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