Airplane Drink Holder FLYGA

The Airplane Clip

Made in USA, The Airplane Clip by FLYGA is an innovative drink or phone holder for when you fly... and more!

"Show me something new and innovative!"

In the PROMO PRODUCT industry how many times have you heard clients say this? Well don't forget it has to be RELEVANT!

A PROMO product with a purpose

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About our brand

What is FLYGA?

The Airplane Clip by FLYGA (TM) is a patented, made in USA, travel essential that creates a completely new way to connect brands and people while solving a pesky travel problem experienced by millions of people every day. We exist to redefine the meaning of value across the promotional product industry by focusing on innovation, utility. social impact, and sustainability.

The Airplane Clip by FLYGA (TM) is a drink or phone holder for planes, trains, automobiles, and more! No more crushed cups in your seatback pocket, or having to hold your phone! Think of all the people who fly to and from industry events... FLYGA creates a unique and impactful brand engagement opportunity.

What's the significance of the word FLYGA? In Swedish FLYGA means “fly”. On a trip abroad, we we’re inspired by the culture of utility, design, and exploration and felt the word inspired curiosity, stood out amongst others, and was fun to say.

Flying soon? A few ways you can enjoy your airplane clip

You know when you board your flight with your favorite coffee, tea, or soda and you wind up crushing it in the seat pocket or wedging it between your dirty feet? Say GOODBYE to this global inconvenient and say HELLO to The Airplane Clip by FLYGA. The best new travel essential you didn’t know you needed until you had it.

No more holding your phone or awkward balancing acts to enjoy those great inflight movies. Enjoy the heads-up display FLYGA creates on your next flight!

Video chatting loved ones, watching the big game at a bar, working at your desk, or chopping onions in the kitchen and trying to read that recipe? The Airplane Clip by FLYGA makes for an amazing kickstand no matter where you are.

Traveling for work and need that tray table down so you can get some work done? Or, just flying with kids… we know firsthand that’s always an adventure. Flip it and clip it over many seat pockets for a great cup holder down and out of the way.

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Our three pillars of purpose

The Airplane Clip at a glance

No more crushing your cup or holding your phone!


"People at our tradeshows would flip for this"

Business Director HMSHost

"Within 30 seconds of sitting 3 people asked me "What is that, where did you get it?" It worked great!"

Atlanta, GA CVB Professional

"This would be something new and amazing as a gift for my travelers, you can only give so many luggage tags!"

ASTA Member Advisor

"This is the best things I've seen in years, this is going to do really well"

Top 40 ASI Distributor


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