FLYGA Amazon Store is LIVE!

FLYGA Amazon Store is LIVE!


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What a road this has been. Literally countless hours over a 4-year period, a global pandemic, several patents, a successful Kickstarter campaign, launching our direct-to-consumer Shopify store, landing some amazing corporate clients like Marriott, Deloitte, Freeman, and a few great airports along the way. 

When we started this journey we thought "Sure lets just design a product and launch it, seems pretty easy..." What a humbling and exciting experience it has been. 

We'd love to share some lessons learned for any of you hopeful inventors out there and go on about all the different layer's we've had to structure - each like a new level in a massive board game. Maybe a post for another day. Here we will keep it short and focus on sharing our newly minted Amazon page (still have some more content and brand store to ad).

Please visit, support, share, and review. It takes a lot of energy and support to launch something completely new and we can't do it without you.

Thank you and safe travels,

Seth from FLYGA

Amazon link:

FLYGA is a completely new type of travel accessory that holds your drink or phone on the airplane. No more crushed cups in the seat pocket!

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