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Travel Advisor Client Gift (Pack of 10)

Travel Advisor Client Gift (Pack of 10)

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Introducing The Airplane Drink Holder by FLYGA TM

This is our private Travel Advisor purchase page where you can receive an amazing discount on a bulk order of Airplane Drink Holders for your client gifts. The Airplane Cup Holder is the must-have travel accessory for 2023! The Airplane Clip shows your clients you're uncovering new ways to make every aspect of their trip amazing! Kick start your client's adventure with a spark of innovation as they use this fun little gift and experience the joy it creates across the travel experience!

If you prefer to buy on Amazon, please feel free to use this link:

The new and innovative The Airplane Clip travel accessory was designed in collaboration with Travel Advisors to bring innovation to a segment that has long been neglected! "No one needs another luggage tag." "A basket of berries or bottle of Champaign is nice, but they're gone in an instant." These are just two of the many quotes we heard from travel advisors just like yourself. 

The Airplane Clip is the gift for enduring value. Whether your clients are embarking on the amazing adventure you booked for them, flying for work, traveling for school, or anything in-between. You and your clients will love the joy The Airplane Clip creates!

IRS Tax Code: Is this client gift deductible?

Well we're no accountants, but based on the IRS website it seems this amazing gift may be deductible as the $8 - $10 price is well below the $25 dollar allowance! Looks like some great news! 

IRS Code

What makes FLYHGA TM special?

People love FLYGA! They love how we’re a socially driven company that donates 25% of profits from promotional product sales to supporting our next generation of female leaders. They love that we’re designed and manufactured in the USA. They love that we weave sustainability throughout the design and delivery of the FLYGA product. And last but not least, they love how our patented travel innovation is the only one of its kind and will be a cherished gift by your clients (or their kids!) each time they travel! 

Let's see it in action!

1. No more crushing your cup in the seat back pocket or risking it wedged between your thighs!

2. Keep that chin up and enjoy a heads up display for your in-flight entertainment!

3. To and from the airport, or on a road trip! The Airplane Clip can be a great in car companion!

4. Grabbing a bite to eat before you board your flight, or while out on the town during your trip? The Airplane Clip makes a great tabletop phone holder for hands free viewing!




"You can only give so many luggage tags, this segment needs more innovation like this!"


"Strawberries and a bottle of wine are a great welcome gift, but they are gone in an instant! I like how this has prolonged use."


"I think this would be an amazing gift for my clients as well as their children"




Want a creative way to personalize your large group trip, or have a corporate brand that you'd like to market in a cool and innovative way? Contact us to learn more about discounted pricing. Our minimum order for custom decorated Airplane Clips is 125 units. Message us on this site.

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